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Terms and Conditions

Below you will find terms and conditions of our guesthouse introduced in order to provide a pleasant and relaxing stay, and ensure high standard of our rooms.

§ 1
  • 1.1.

    The rooms in "WILLA OGRODOWA" are rented for days.

  • 1.2.

    The hotel night starts at 14.00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 10.00 am on the day of departure.

  • 1.3.

    If you do not leave the room before 10.00 a.m. on the last day of the booking, you will be charged as per one more day of a stay if this room will not be booked.

  • 1.4.

    Booking of the room and the dates of the stay are required. The deposit of 30% of the total cost of your stay is a confirmation.

  • 1.5.

    The deposit is not refunded in the case of a cancellation of the arrival by the Guest, and is fully refunded if the cancellation is caused by the hotel.

  • 1.6.

    The payment for the booked period of stay is charged on the day of your arrival.

  • 1.7.

    If you shorten your stay, the booking fee is not refunded. An extension of your stay is possible if the particular room has not been booked.

  • 1.8.

    After you get to the room, please check if the equipment is in accordance with the "list of equipment". If you notice any defects in functioning of equipment, we ask you to immediately inform the hotel service.

  • 1.9.

    Guests are financially responsible for any damage of the objects and technical equipment. The guests shall be charged for any damaged or lost items in the room according to the replacement value.

  • 1.10.

    If the damage happens, please immediately inform the hotel service. This will allow us to react quickly.

  • 1.11.

    When you go out, please do not leave the windows open, but half-open. In the case when the window is wide open and weather conditions change (e.g. storm, strong rainfall, wind) the hotel service in the absence of Guests can enter the room and close the window, in order to avoid damage.

§ 2
  • 2.1.

    Smoking is not allowed inside Willa Ogrodowa.

  • 2.2.

    The designated smoking areas are located in the summer garden in front of the hotel, also on balconies and terraces.

  • 2.3.

    Smoking in the hallway or stairway could be fined up to 300 PLN.

§ 3
  • 3.1.

    The night quiet time starts at 10.00 pm and ends at 7.00 am.

  • 3.2.

    Those who are not registered, are allowed on the premises only after prior agreement and with the consent of the hotel service.

§ 4
  • 4.1.

    Parking on the property is charged and allowed only in areas specified by the hotel service.

§ 5
  • 5.1.

    Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of children in the hotel.

  • 5.2.

    The hotel is not responsible for loss of or damage of valuables left in the room.

§ 6
  • 6.1.

    Heaters, electric iron and other similar devices are not allowed, if they are not the equipment of the room due to fire safety.

  • 6.2.

    When you go out of the room, please turn off all light sources, TV set and all other electric devices.

§ 7
  • 7.1.

    Guest consent to the use of their personal data in order to enable the reservation and for the registration. Personal data will not be used for any other purpose and will not be made available to other entities in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 09.28.1997 on the protection of personal data.

§ 8
  • 7.1.

    Booking constitutes acceptance of these Rules. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from compliance with the principles contained therein.

We are always happy to help and we remain at your disposal, also at the telephone number :
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